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DID YOU KNOW? Now, after the required waiting period, you can seal nearly all convictions!

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Expunge Illinois serves any person who has had a criminal case in the state of Illinois.  There are multiple potential remedies for people trying to clear their criminal records or the barriers that the criminal records cause, including expungement, sealing and Executive Clemency.  At Expunge Illinois, you can learn about what remedies apply to you, and receive low-cost services from an experienced attorney concentrating solely on criminal records.

WHY CLEAR YOUR RECORD? Today, more than ever, criminal records are easily accessible by employers, landlords and the general public.  Your background may be used to discriminate against you in employment, housing, education and your social life. 
Youthful mistakes, misunderstandings, problems in the past or criminal identity theft should not be a barrier to opportunities in life. In Illinois, there are multiple options you can use to either clear your record or allow you to overcome legal barriers created by your record.  Expunge Illinois, through the law offices of A.S. Durrani, Attorney-at-Law, can provide affordable help to clear your record.  Please feel free to learn more about criminal records in the Definitions section, what Expunge Illinois provides in our Services Offered section, and get legal assistance today.

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