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Motion to Vacate Document Preparation Agreement

By submitting payment below, you are consenting to the following agreement: 

This is an agreement between you and A.S. Durrani, Attorney-at-Law for the provision of legal services.  This is an agreement for document preparation and consultation as to ONE Motion to Vacate Felony and Amend to Misdemeanor for $200.  By submitting payment, you are entitled to the following:

1) A legal analysis of your criminal record, as it relates to your ability to clear your record in the State of Illinois.
2) Complete and accurate preparation of your paperwork.
3) Detailed instructions for filing at the clerk's office.
4) Leading up to the hearing on your petition, you may contact A.S. Durrani with questions and concerns.

You (the client) are not entitled to the following, unless you consent to a separate agreement:

1) Legal representation by A.S. Durrani on this Motion to Vacate. 
2) Legal representation on an expungement or sealing petition.
2) Legal analysis pertaining to criminal records matters outside of the State of Illinois.
3) Legal analysis pertaining to legal matters outside of your criminal records.

Other fees not charged by or payable to A.S. Durrani but you may be responsible for:

1) Filing fees: Varies by County
2) Illinois State Police Conviction Record ($20).
3) Chicago Police Department RAP Sheet ($16).

In order to provide the best representation possible, you (the buyer) may be required to provide one or more of the following:

1) A Chicago Police Department RAP Sheet.
2) An Illinois State Police Conviction Record.
3) Court records from outside of Cook and the Collar counties.
4) Other information best accessible by the client.

Termination of Agreement:
You (the client) may terminate this agreement at any time, for any reason, however, A.S. Durrani will keep any payment based on the reasonable value of work performed.

A.S. Durrani may terminate this agreement under the following circumstances:
1) The client fails to maintain contact or appointments;
2) The client engages in dishonest conduct in the course of this relationship;
3) There is an irretrievable breakdown in communication;
4) Any other reasonable grounds allowed by Illinois law.

Any termination of an attorney-client relationship may require leave of court.

All communications shall be subject to attorney-client privilege.  A.S. Durrani makes no guarantees relating to the outcome of your case.  By clicking below and submitting payment, you and A.S. Durrani are agreeing to the above engagement.  The submitted payment becomes property of A.S. Durrani and is not held in trust for you.  Upon submission, you will be contacted within the next business day with further instructions.  

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